Euchre, Bid Euchre and Six-handed Euchre


Below are the results of recent Euchre nights.

Euchre Winners  Euchre Winners 
Sept 12Oct 10
1st High Score ()– Barry Wyant
1st High Score (65)-- Jerome Lehman
2nd High score ()-- Norm Webb
2nd High Score (56)-- Ann Hurst
Lone Hands ()– Audrey GouldingLone Hands (2)-- Joan Moon
-- Hope Lehman
-- Audrey Goulding
-- Joe Piercy
Lucky Draw -- Ann Hurst
-- John Hodgson
Lucky Draw -- John Hodgson
-- Gord Bartlett
Oscar Winner-Barry WyantOscar Winner-- Bill Bryant

Bid Euchre 

Below are the results of recent Bid Euchre nights.

Bid Euchre Winners  Bid Euchre Winners 
Oct 31Oct 24
1st High Score (196)–Norm Webb1st High Score (161)- Jean Pearson
2nd High Score (166)–Linda Moore2nd High Score (150)– Barbara Lindsay
3rd High Score (165)–Clyde Henry3rd High Score (126) - Mary Drew
Lucky Draw -- Audrey Goulding
-- Jackie Piercy
Lucky Draw - Linda Moore
- Joe Piercey
Shoot the Moon-- Shoot the Moon --
Low Score (?)Low Score (?)--You will never know

Six-handed Euchre 

Below are the results of recent Six-handed Euchre nights.

Six-handed Euchre Winners  Six-handed Euchre Winners 
July 29Sept 30
First Prize (139)– Marion Sanderson First Prize - (75)– Betty Watson
-- Ken Lindsay
Second Prize (112)– Gabi FilceSecond Prize - ()
Lone Hands (3) – Barry Wyant
- Glenn Bragg
Lone Hands (1) – Barb Cook
-- Barry Wyant
Lucky Draw – Elaine Boyce
– Judy Dick
Lucky Draw – Ross Parker
– Fred Dick
Shoot the Moon
Shoot the Moon
Low Score -- Don Sewell