Euchre, Bid Euchre and Six-handed Euchre


Below are the results of recent Euchre nights.

Euchre Winners  Euchre Winners 
July 11July 25
1st High Score (67)– Barry Wyant
1st High Score (61)-- John Doherty
2nd High score(63)-- Jackie Piercy
2nd High Score (59)-- Barry Wood
Lone Hands (3)
– Clyde Henry

Lone Hands (3)-- Audrey Goulding
Lucky Draw -- Joan Moon
-- barry Wood
Lucky Draw -- Joan Moon
-- Donna Chalmers
Oscar Winner-Barry WyantOscar Winner-- John Doherty

Bid Euchre 

Below are the results of recent Bid Euchre nights.

Bid Euchre Winners  Bid Euchre Winners 
Aug 15Aug 01
1st High Score (165)– Darlene Hoag1st High Score (169)– Barb Lindsay
2nd High Score (139)– Barry Wood2nd High Score ()
3rd High Score ()3rd High Score () -
Lucky Draw -- Sue Wylie-Sewell
-- Wayne Douglas
Lucky Draw - Judy Dick
- John Doherty
Shoot the Moon-- Shoot the Moon --
Low Score (?)-- Barry WyantLow Score (?)--Bill Bryant

Six-handed Euchre 

Below are the results of recent Six-handed Euchre nights.

Six-handed Euchre Winners  Six-handed Euchre Winners 
July 29Sept 30
First Prize (139)– Marion Sanderson First Prize - (75)– Betty Watson
-- Ken Lindsay
Second Prize (112)– Gabi FilceSecond Prize - ()
Lone Hands (3) – Barry Wyant
- Glenn Bragg
Lone Hands (1) – Barb Cook
-- Barry Wyant
Lucky Draw – Elaine Boyce
– Judy Dick
Lucky Draw – Ross Parker
– Fred Dick
Shoot the Moon
Shoot the Moon
Low Score -- Don Sewell