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  • January 16 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, January 16
    HOW ETHICAL IS THIS OIL? We have a lot on our plates, fellow Ontarians. If I may indulge you for a moment, please take time to understand the crisis we have created in the energy sector. Check the fac (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    MANDEL: New questions arise about Danforth shooting
    Enough rounds of ammunition to kill hundreds. Donations to a mosque fund in Pakistan. An Islamic headdress. Conspiracy DVDs that dispute al-Qaeda’s role in 9/11. For almost six months, speculati (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    ‘GONNA MISS HIM’: TFC agrees to sell Victor Vazquez to team in Qatar
    Toronto FC is definitely not quietly easing its way into the 2019 season. Tuesday’s kickoff media session at the team’s training ground was expected to be dominated by discussion of the long-simme (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    LILLEY: Mixed reactions to province’s regional plans
    Cheaper housing, more local decision making and strengthening employment hubs. Those are some of the proposals from the Ford government as they offer up changes to the growth plan for the Greater Gold (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    ‘ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES’: Saudi teen looking forward to new life in Canada
    It was a proud moment for Canada when Rahaf Mohammed said, “I am one of the lucky ones. I found a safe country to live in.” The Saudi Arabian teenager held a press conference Tuesday morning in To (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    Home not so sweet for Maple Leafs
    The Maple Leafs looked forward to their post-Christmas home stand, but might as well be stepping barefoot on dry pine needles at Scotiabank Arena. With their 6-3 loss to Colorado on Monday, they have (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    Danforth shooter had conspiracy videos, ammo: Police documents
    Police discovered a cache of ammunition and conspiracy theory videos about 9/11 inside the bedroom of Danforth killer Faisal Hussain, newly unsealed police documents revealed. These are among the new (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    Cops’ flirtatious conduct par for the course: Sources
    One of two unformed cops depicted partying and playfully handcuffing women at a downtown bar once tried to solicit superstar Drake into hiring him for “private security,” a police source t (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    Celtics’ struggles mean little to Raptors who still view them as major obstacle
    Better than halfway through the season, the two pre-season picks for best teams in the Eastern Conference square off tonight. The Raptors have lived up to the billing coming into Boston on a five-game (...)
  • January 15 · RSS - Toronto Sun - Travel
    LEVY: Is anyone home at TCHC HQ?
    The lights may be on at Toronto Community Housing Corp.’s (TCHC) 931 Yonge St. HQ but it appears no one is home. While a crime-plagued Scarborough TCHC building was the site of Toronto’s f (...)


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